Thank you to these corporations and individuals for major donations to The Gress Mountain Ranch. Your donations are sincerely appreciated and needed to keep our mission going.

Donate $500 or more and we’ll include a banner in your name.

The Philadelphia Eagles

All donations big and small are appreciated. Can’t make a monetary donation? Become a VOLUNTEER. Or check out our WISH LIST for household items we need.

The Gress Mountain Ranch Angels!


Offering effective and risk-controlled solutions for the entire clinical supply chain


Thank you to the Chatel Family

Thank you to the Children of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity in Emmaus


Thank you to Teen Works for collecting money so that Ryan Schnabel and the Eagle Scouts could make repairs on the ranch


Thank you to Clara for the donation of a new Lenovo computer


Thank you

Thank you


Thank you to Tabitha

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you to the following people and organizations for their in-kind donations!

May 2012: Chris Weaver, Mia Bobenko, Amelia’s grocer and Tractor Supplies for animal food, Joan Kalinoski for monetary donation, Darrell and Trish, for donating their time when most needed. Natural Landscapes Nursery for the use of their backhoe, Mike at Rita’s for his generous donation of Italian ices, Dun and Bradstreet for their Day of Caring, Living Things Pet store for the bake sale fundraiser.

April 2012: Helen Stry, Joan Kalinoski, Kim McDougall, Jen Weinstein, KG, Burkholders's Farm, Ameilia’s   Susan Schreiner and Denise Fontana and Cabela’s.

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