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Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a therapeutic tool which utilizes animals as a means to meet specific therapeutic goals. AAT has been the primary method of counseling used by Kathryn Gress, and her animal staff at the Gress Mountain Ranch. The benefits of this type of therapy are far reaching.

The Gress Mountain Ranch is a hub for counseling. People from all walks of life can find a haven with the animals. Benefits from counseling paired with animals include boosting self-confidence, calming nerves and increasing physical dexterity.

Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA) are entertaining, educational, and motivating. They are led by specially trained professionals, volunteers, or para-professionals along with their animals. AAA can take the form of entertainment, speaking in school settings or social visits in health care settings.

Equestrian Psychotherapy is used in adjunct to traditional treatment to enhance and move clients to change in the therapeutic process.

The Programs

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