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GROUP PROJECT: Need a Scout project? Looking for a volunteer opportunity for your youth group? How about a community outreach venture for your employees? Below is a wish list of projects and items we need to continue to make The Gress Mountain Ranch a driving force in our community. Some of items are suitable for Scout projects. Others are are large items that will need fundraising drives to purchase.
THANK YOU to these Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts for their outstanding work at TGMR!

Girl Scout Troupe #6647
for planting flowers around the property this spring!

Megan Frey for her Girl Scout Silver project. She created amazing design and constructed a new duck pen.

Ryan Schnabel for his Eagle Scout Project. Ryan and his troupe replaced posts and rails for new fencing from top to bottom in the northern pasture at the ranch.

THANK YOU to these local businesses and groups for coming out to TGMR for a Day of Caring!

Merck Pharmaceuticals
Dun and Bradstreet
Fisher Clinical Services
Lehigh  County Children and Youth Group
American Express
Zion Lutheran Church
Lehigh Valley Christian School

Project List

#1 Duck Pond and Habitat Extension. TGMR was blessed with 12 new ducklings this spring, making the existing duck pen a bit of a tight fit. This project includes enlarging the existing duck pen and adding a pond. PROJECT IN PROGRESS. PENDING APPROVAL.

#2 Enlarging Turkey Habitat. Clarence, our gorgeous Royal Palm turkey, will be pleased to have his pen enlarged and secured against winter storms. PROJECT IN PROGRESS. PENDING APPROVAL.

#3 URGENT! New Flooring in the Small Animal Room. The carpet in the small animal room needs to be replaced with something maintenance-friendly. This room is also used for therapy sessions so it’s important to keep it clean, cozy and friendly. This project includes, removing old carpet, preparing subfloor and installing new flooring as well as raising the funds for the project.

#4 Butterfly Garden. Apart from domesticated animals, TGMR is home to many species of wildlife. We are proud to be recognized by the Audubon Society as a natural habitat for birds. In order to welcome wildlife and beautify the ranch we’d like to create a butterfly-friendly garden. Project includes digging the garden, preparing garden bed, selecting and planting butterfly-friendly native plants as well as raising the funds for the project.

#5 Bridge over Creek. Below the pastures of TGMR there is a beautiful clearing and creek. This area is used for youth group outings and Ranch Camp. The creation of a small bridge over the creek would make this area more accessible. Project includes design and construction of the bridge as well as raising the funds for the project.

#6 Truck. We bring our animals all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond to share them with others. Because of this we put a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles. Our current truck requires regular maintenance to keep it going. We need a new vehicle to continue to reach out to the community with our therapy animals. This project would be a great fundraiser for  the employees of a large business or youth group.

#7 Extended Trailer Transport. How do you bring 2 alpacas, 2 donkeys, 2 goats and 2 ponies to a parade? You don’t. Unless you have an extended trailer transport. TGMR has been pleased to participate in many local parades including the Allentown Halloween Parade and the Redhill hometown horse parade. Without the proper transport, we can only bring 2 animals per vehicle. Help us share our wonderful therapy animals with the community. This project would be a great fundraiser for  the employees of a large business or youth group.

#8 Heated Small Animal Barn. Currently our small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc) are housed in the therapy room/office. Though we enjoy having the little critters around, it’s getting a bit cramped. The best solution, and one that would allow us to rescue more animals, would be the construction of a small animal barn. This project would include the design and construction of a small heated barn, as well as raising the funds for the project.

#9 Labyrinth. The heart of The Gress Mountain Ranch mission is learning and self-enrichment through work and play activities. As we reach a larger population, especially youth groups we are looking for new ideas that will beautify the property, provide a home for wild or domestic animals and entertain visitors. A maze or labyrinth would fulfill all these requirements. Project includes design and construction of the labyrinth as well as raising the funds for the project.

#10 Inventory of Animal Care Items. TGMR is privileged to receive donations from many good people and organizations. We need volunteers to organize and create an inventory of these donations so that they can be put to the best use. This project would be ideal for a Day of Caring for corporate volunteers.

#11 Educational Signage. TGMR hosts groups of all ages for event around the calendar year. Help us educate the public on animal care and the history of TGMR animals by installing appropriate signs around the ranch. This project includes designing the signs, raising funds and installation.

DAY OF CARING: TGMR has been grateful for the generous spirits of many Lehigh Valley businesses and their employees. Get your staff out of the office and into the community for a Day of Caring. Tasks include: yard maintenance, stock inventory, general repairs, fundraising and craft-making.

If you have a youth group or employee group interested in helping, please

CONTACT Kathryn. Individual volunteers are always needed for everyday maintenance, fundraising and administrative tasks too. Check out the VOLUNTEER page for more information.