Recognition of our Volunteers & Interns

We want to honor and recognize a very special group of people.  Without this group, The Gress Mountain Ranch, would not be able to operate. A very special group of people that are out there in "all weather", not afraid to get wet to help the animals.

They are dedicated people that answer Ben & Kathryn's call for help. They pitch in anywhere and everywhere needed. They go above and beyond in their volunteering spirit and work.

It takes special people to dedicate their spare time to helping the ranch's animals. From feeding the animals to fund raising, to phone calls and beyond, the dedication of TGMR's volunteers is wonderful!  Our deepest gratitude, respect, admiration, and appreciation goes to our volunteers and interns.

With warm regards, Kathryn & Ben Gress and all the animals.

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What Volunteers are Saying...

“Sassy is an a beautiful and kind hearted horse. She was fun and exciting to ride yesterday. I rode bareback on her for the first time. I can't wait to ride her again!”

Genevieve Chatel

(age 12)

“The work is hard, but rewarding. When I leave the Gress Mountain Ranch, I always feel recharged. I know I’ve made a difference.”

Kim McDougall

“Volunteering at The Gress Mountain Ranch is tremendously fulfilling. I have learned so much from watching the ways in which Kathryn and Ben Gress interact with all of the animals.  It is amazing to me that there is such an incredible safe haven of peace, shelter and love.”   

Jen Weinstein

“I am very fortunate that Kathryn and Ben Gress have always made horses and riding accessible to me.  They allowed me to gain experience, quality training, and most importantly, have instilled in me a passion and love for horses.”

Julia Fox

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