Animal Care Volunteer

The Gress Mountain Ranch located in Orefield, PA is a non-profit animal sanctuary for large, small, and exotic animals and is dedicated to educating and helping both people and animals who have been victims of abuse, neglect, and the unwanted aftereffects.


Animal Care Volunteers are responsible for cleaning pens, cages, stalls and pastures; feeding, exercising and providing for the general care of the animals.  Animal Care Volunteers may also provide assistance with grounds maintenance ensuring the ranch facilities are safe and presentable for animals, guests and clients and may participate in community outreach programs such as farm tours and parades.


  1. 1. Love of animals and compassion for others

  2. 2. Ability and willingness to perform physical work

  3. 3. Good listening and communication skills

  4. 4. Ability to follow instructions

  5. 5. Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  6. 6. Dependable and punctual


Animal Care Volunteers will gain skills in animal handling and training techniques, and gain knowledge of animal care, behavior, and diseases.  Volunteers have the opportunity to meet new people, expand social networks, and improve social skills. 

For more information:
Contact Kathryn Gress at 610-398-2122 or

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