Special Care for LeRoy

LeRoy has a seizure disorder, brain tumor and had major abdominal surgery for bloat. He’s going blind, terrible arthritis, can’t walk very well and piggy cognitive dementia.

He also now can’t contract his bladder to get out the urine (piggy pee). Due to all the medical problems, LeRoy is on very expensive medications: Rimadyl 100mg 2x daily (which is nearly $250.00 per bottle), large quantities of mineral oil (he can’t make piggy poop without it), contraction meds for his bladder and Cosequin for the arthritis. In addition, LeRoy has temperature regulation problems. That means LeRoy’s brain temperatureregulation center can’t regulate his own body temperature. Kathryn has to regulate LeRoy’s environment temperature which is constantly changing. If it’s cold and raining, LeRoy’s body temperature plummets to 97° F. If it’s too hot outside, LeRoy can have a body temperature of 105° F. Both high and low temperatures are life-threatening. LeRoy has had 2 near death experiences in December 2010 and June 2011.


LeRoy Piggy is a 13-year-old Vietnamese Pot-bellied piggy who was a wonderful ambassador for The Gress Mountain Ranch in his prime, but the past few years have been rough for Leroy. Because of all these problems, LeRoy can no longer live in the barn with Pearl Piggy. He lives in the house with the Gress’s, taking over one of their showers and the living room. LeRoy is not potty trained because he lived most of his life in the barn with Pearl Piggy.


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